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Welcome to Ventura College!

Thank you for choosing Ventura College (VC) to help achieve your educational and career goals!  

In 2023, Ventura College continues to innovate and adapt to meet the evolving needs of our students and communities. Our college offers expanded online learning options with the California Virtual Campus (CVC) exchange, providing greater flexibility and accessibility to education than ever before! We continue to forge partnerships with local businesses and community organizations, creating opportunities for students to gain practical experience and build networks for their success.

Through these innovative efforts, Ventura College demonstrates a commitment to providing a high-quality, affordable education to prepare students for success in a rapidly changing world.

Ventura College is proud to offer educational opportunities to approximately 11,000 students each year. Our students pursue their passions for life-long learning, earn certificates and associate degrees, and upgrade their job skills. We enhance the college experience outside the classroom through an active campus life, which provides student activities, leadership opportunities, and athletics programs.

We are thrilled to announce our Ventura College Promise Program has provided more than $4 million in tuition aid. This program is possible thanks to the generous support of public and private donors to our VC Foundation. The success of the Promise model led to the recent creation of our statewide California College Promise Program, which, combined with the support of the VC Foundation, will cover tuition and fees for most first-time, full-time students during their first and second years at VC.

Our college is built on a strong foundation and has provided quality education in Ventura County for 98 years. We are committed to providing high-quality instruction and support services through our outstanding team of faculty, staff, and administrators who are focused on your success.

We provide our diverse student population with resources and services including flexible day and evening classes, online courses, preparation for employment, university transfer pathways, and more. We understand that academic journeys are not always easy, so we also offer financial, academic, and health support services to eliminate barriers and boost success.

Ventura County is a unique blend of rural and urban communities.  We value our connections with our partners in industry, government, and education. As an active member of our community, we work collaboratively to create unique opportunities for our students in their pathways to education, transfer, and employment.

We have transfer agreements with public universities in California including, California State University, University of California, as well private higher-education institutions.

Browse this catalog for specific information about our range of courses, programs, and support services at the Ventura College Campus and Ventura College East Campus in Santa Paula, CA.

Visit our beautiful campus sites to learn more about how we can assist you in meeting your educational and career goals.

At Ventura College, we are excited to partner with you on your academic journey and wish you the best of success in the coming year!


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Kim Hoffmans, R.N., Ed.D.